Pomelo and Guava Juice to Improve Diabetic Condition


Pomelo, also known as pummelo or Citrus Maxima, is a low carbohydrate fruit hence suitable for the diabetics.  Pomelo is a very juicy citrus fruit that is 3 times the size of grapefruit and tastes so much sweeter than grapefruit.  Other than helping to combat diabetes, pomelo has many other health benefits that includes:

  • protecting from free radicals and reducing aging

  • improving muscle and nerve functions

  • improving lung health

  • aiding absorption of iron

  • protecting against chronic diarrhea

  • preventing infections and colds

  • lowering the risk of heart problems

  • reducing the risk of high blood pressure

  • fighting cancer

  • aiding digestion

  • clearing arterial deposits

  • reducing high cholesterol

  • helping to lose weight

  • curing insomnia

  • curing fever and sore throat

  • treating asthma

  • treating chiblain

  • healing arthritis

  • curing acute mastitis

  • relieving headaches

The pomelo fruit can be consumed either fresh or in juice form.  The red or pink varieties are richer in nutrients and also sweeter compared to the pale yellow variety.  When preparing the pomelo for juicing, make sure to peel off the outer skin while leaving the inner skin intact as this is the part that contains anti-cancerous elements.  Sometimes you can end up with some sour pomelos.  You can easily overcome this problem by sweetening your juice with some honey or sugar syrup.


There have been cases of people being allergic to pomelo.  Usually these are the very same people who may also be allergic to vitamin C.  If there are any symptoms of eruptions or rashes after consuming pomelo, seek a doctor's advice immediately.  Avoid excessive consumption of pomelo which can have adverse effects of constipation, kidney stones and other complications.


Guava is high in dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and potassium yet low in sugar and calories making it another suitable fruit for diabetes.  In fact, guava is widely accepted as a super fruit with amazing medicinal properties and has been used in ancient China for treatment of diabetes.  However, diabetics should only consume guava without its skin as studies have shown that the guava skin can increase blood sugar in laboratory rats up to 91% as compared to only 27% when peeled.  Guava is also best taken before it is too ripe as it is at its peak for only about 2 days.


Again besides being beneficial for diabetics, the health benefits of guava also includes the following:

  • curing stomach problems

  • cleansing teeth

  • curing toothache, oral ulcers and swollen gums

  • controlling bad breath

  • extremely good for the skin

  • lowering cholesterol level

  • reducing & controlling blood pressure

  • maintaining the fluidity of blood

  • fighting cancer

  • protecting the prostrate

  • healing gastroenteritis

  • preventing cataracts

  • preventing Alzheimer's disease

  • reducing risk of rheumatoid arthritis

  • lowering risk of heart disease

  • curing epilepsy and convulsions

  • healing wounds when it is applied externally

  • curing bacterial infections

  • relieving constipation

  • curing dysentery and diarrhea

  • relieving coughs and colds

  • helpful for diabetics who need to lose weight

  • curing scurvy

As can be clearly seen in the list above, the health benefits of guava is truly varied and amazing.  Guava is also one of the fruit that a diabetic can eat without any worries on a daily basis.


The combination of these two fruits makes for a healthy juicing recipe to help improve diabetic condition.


Pomelo and Guava Juicing Recipe



  • 2 pomeloes, peeled and seeds removed

  • 1 guava, peeled, seeds removed and cut into pieces

  • cup cold water


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until well combined.  Serve.

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