Juicing Recipes for Diabetes


Diabetes is really scary as it is the leading cause of kidney failure, blindness and leg amputations.  Those with diabetes also has four times higher risk of getting heart disease.


Eating the right diet is crucial in preventing and controlling the progress of diabetes.  The types of food that works well for those suffering from diabetes are those with lower sodium, lower sugar, high fiber, plant and lean meat protein, fruits and vegetables, foods with sources of omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats


Diabetics needs soluble fiber to slow down the absorption of other nutrients including carbohydrates that were consumed at the same meal.  This slowing down process helps in preventing highs and lows in the blood sugars.  A higher-fiber meals can also help in improving the body sensitivity to insulin and hence reducing the insulin requirements for type 2 diabetics which requires insulin treatment.  So where can we get soluble fiber?


Start by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables as just five servings per day of fruits and vegetables can give you about five grams of soluble fiber.  Besides high doses of soluble fiber, fruits and vegetables also contains phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Also most are naturally low in sugar, fat and sodium.


Juicing is a great way for you to obtain concentrated forms of the nutrients that are contained in the fruits and vegetables.  Now is the time to start and change your diet.  Our juicing recipes will greatly help you along the way.  Remember to always go for only natural fresh fruits and vegetables juices that you make in your own home.  Never go for commercial juices that you can buy from your local supermarkets as their sugar contents are way too high and too risky for the diabetics.


Juicing Recipes for Diabetes

  1. Alfalfa and grapefruit juice to reduce blood sugar

  2. Blueberry yoghurt smoothie to get rid of excess blood sugar

  3. Bitter melon juice for diabetes

  4. Cherry milk juice to lower blood sugar

  5. Fruity drink for diabetes

  6. Fruity vegetable and royal jelly juice to manage diabetes

  7. Healthy fruit juice for the diabetics

  8. Healthy juice to control diabetes

  9. Natural insulin vegetable juice

  10. Pomelo and guava juice to improve diabetic condition

  11. Strawberry and banana tofu juice to fight diabetes

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