Bitter Melon Juice for Diabetes

What is karela?


Karela, also commonly known as bitter melon, bitter gourd or bitter squash,  is a very bitter vegetable that has traditionally been used for treatment of diabetes mellitus in both China and India.  Bitter melon is believed to be able to help lower blood sugar by converting blood sugar or glucose into glycogen which is then stored in the liver until it is required to be used up for energy as needed. 


The Chinese believe that bitter melon is able to help in reducing the symptoms of diabetes through clearing stagnation and heat toxins from the digestive system.  To the Chinese doctors, one of the main cause of diabetes is due to digestive disorders or food intake.  Since the digestive disorders can lead to a buildup of toxins and heat within the digestive system this eventually will lead to a sugar imbalance hence resulting in diabetes.


Bitter melon juice is not a miracle cure to completely heal diabetes however as it can effectively help in blood glucose control, the quality of life for diabetics can be improve tremendously.


Besides lowering blood sugar in the diabetics, bitter melon is also used as a remedy for:

  • lowering blood cholesterol

  • colds

  • flu

  • fever

  • digestive disorders

  • worms

  • parasites

  • skin diseases

  • vision problems

  • jaundice

  • joint pain

  • constipation

  • hypertension

  • eye complications

  • neuritis

  • cholera during its early stage

  • piles

  • toxemia

  • respiratory disorders

  • hangover

Just like any other types of remedies, excessive use of bitter melon can result in diarrhea and stomach pain.  Consumption of bitter melon should not exceed 1 per day.  Bitter melon may also amplify blood sugar reduction especially in combination with conventional diabetes medications or insulin which may result in very low blood sugar levels.  Hence for those diabetics who are on medication, always seek a doctor's advice before using any natural remedies or juicing recipes.  The same applies for nursing and pregnant ladies as well as little children.  Those suffering from hepatitis or cirrhosis will need to avoid bitter melon completely as studies has shown that bitter melon may cause elevations in the liver enzymes especially after years of consumption.


Bitter melon juicing recipe



  • 1/2 bitter melon

  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

  • Salt

  • Juice from 1/2 lemon


  1. Wash and use a spoon to remove the seeds of the bitter melon then cut them into smaller pieces.

  2. To reduce the bitter taste of the bitter melon, add salt and turmeric powder in a bowl of water then place the bitter melon in the water to soak for about 15 minutes.  Alternatively soaking in salt water for about 1/2 hour works equally well.

  3. Remove the bitter melon from the water, place it in a juicer with a sufficient amount of water and blend well.

  4. Pour the bitter melon juice into a glass, add lemon juice, stir well and drink immediately.  It is best to drink the bitter melon juice on an empty stomach every morning to help in speeding up the curative properties throughout the system.

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