Alfalfa and Grapefruit Juice to Reduce Blood Sugar


This alfalfa and grapefruit juice can help to reduce blood sugar.  Alfalfa is high in manganese which can help in lowering blood sugar levels of diabetics through simulation of insulin levels.  Diabetics encountering problems in responsiveness to insulin have seen noticeable results from consumption of alfalfa.  Being also high in minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients, the ancient Chinese have been using alfalfa as a natural herbal remedy for treatment of several health issues such as:

  • Curing arthritis

  • Healing kidney ailments

  • Healing auto-immune disorders

  • Providing relief for swelling and fluid retention

  • Nourishing the urinary, skeletal, digestive and glandular systems

  • Cleansing the bowel, blood and liver

  • Helping to prevent strokes

  • Curing whooping cough

  • Reducing cholesterol levels

However, similar to any types of remedies, consumption needs to be kept at a moderate level in order to avoid any adverse reactions.  If alfalfa is consumed excessively, it can cause red blood cells to break down, which is a very very serious situation.  Alfalfa is also high in canavanine, an amino acid.  Diets that are high in canavanine may aggravate the lupus disease.  However, canavanine is found only in the sprouts and seeds of alfalfa and not in its mature leaves.  It is also not advisable for pregnant women to consume alfalfa  or any of the alfaflfa supplements due to its hormonally active saponins as well as its canavanine content.


Grapefruit is full of antioxidants such as lycopene as well as naringenin which can help in breaking down the fatty acids in the liver instead of the carbohydrate, very much similar to the occurrence that is induced during fasting especially if fasting is over a long period. 


Consumption of grapefruit juice can help in reducing resistance to insulin.  Weight loss has always been encouraged in those who already have diabetes or those who are at risk of getting diabetes as it can help to stave off diabetes.  There have been proven cases of people being able to get rid of their diabetes through a combination of controlling blood glucose and weight loss.  Another benefit of grapefruit for the diabetics is that it can help them to lose weight as well as reducing the potential risk of stroke, heart conditions and high blood pressure.


However, grapefruit juice may sometimes interact with certain types of diabetes medication so consult your doctor first before drinking grapefruit juice.


Alfalfa and Grapefruit Juicing Recipe


  • 125 grams alfalfa sprouts

  • cup grapefruit juice


  1. Place alfalfa sprouts into a juice extractor and blend well.

  2. Mix alfalfa juice with grapefruit juice, mix well and serve

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